Not so easy to settle in a foreign country, even for a few months ! A few tips to know to settle in France, when you’re an Erasmus student…

Find an accommodation

It’s not easy to find your perfect apartment with all the offers available, even more when you’re an Erasmus student ! Indeed, foreign students are the perfect target for scammers of all kinds. The several websites below are useful to find quickly your accommodation in the town of your choice, avoiding scams.


Flat-sharing specialized websites

Facebook Groups

These groups are very well developed in France, with often more than 90 000 members, and therefore offer a huge visibility for people looking for a tenant or a flatmate.

Real-life events dedicated to accommodation

You should definitely try it at least once : what has now been called “les jeudi de la colocation” (flatsharing Thursdays) is a major event that takes place in several big cities in France, usually in bars and restaurants.

Generally a short-term accommodation, but perfect for Erasmus students ! We often forget to think about Airbnb, and yet the website is very secured and easy to use.

Other traditional websites

Subscribe your contrats without obligation with Souscritoo !

Souscritoo is a free service that allows students to subscribe all of their contrats when it comes to moving in a new apartment : internet, energy, house insurance… It is well adapted to all students, even for Erasmus : the contracts are without obligation, it is entirely free, and it does everything for you in just one call (09 80 80 15 25). You don’t even have to speak French !

Learn French !

Many organizations allow students to learn French for free. First, take a look at your welcoming university or school : they usually provide French classes especially dedicated to Erasmus students. Otherwise, you may be interested in learning French via those websites :

Receive financial help for your accommodation

What we call “la CAF” in French answers Erasmus students needs when it comes to pay your rent. You can calculate how much you can get, 100% online, via this link.

You can find further information here ! (in French)


Tempted by flatsharing ?

A flat sharing lease agreement !

First of all, you have to be in touch with your landlord : he must write a lease agreement to define the exact terms of the lease and who are the tenants, who owes what, etc.

Insurance is key !

That lease agreement will be useful for you for the second step : suscribe to a house insurance. This insurance is mandatory in France, you should definitely suscribe one as it will help you benefit from individual compensation if you happen to be victim of burglary.

Setting the rules !

When you move with your flatmates, the “setting rules” part is crucial, but often neglected : you should write down how you intend to use the apartment, the common rooms, the party rules, etc.

Moving in calmly with Souscritoo !

Of course there are many other steps to foresee : water, electricity, gas, internet / wifi… an easy way to go through this annoying part is to call Souscritoo : Souscritoo subscribes your house insurance, your internet and energy contracts in minutes, without obligation, and of course… for FREE ! Call us now !

Notre numéro
Le numéro de Souscritoo pour tous mes contrats d’emménagement


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